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Welcome to The Liquidity Network. As of today, this site is now live. Our goal is to introduce a debt-free currency in Ireland, where economic pressure due to the global financial instability is becoming acute.

We need to balance the need for a quick implementation due to circumstances with a sound standing concept and a stable architecture.

We invite you to scrutinize our ideas. In Rationale
we explain why we think there is a need for the “Quid”, as we dubbed the new currency. TheĀ  Outline pages give an introduction to how we envision the system to work. Have a look at Implementation to get some more details of how we think it could work.

The issues are complex. We welcome any comment and invite you to participate in our conversations to make it happen: Participate

The current crisis is man-made and is built in into the current monetary system. We hope to be able to alleviate the shortcomings these difficult times bring and to help our families, friends and fellow citizens in introducing an alternative.

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