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The Liquidity Network operates a technical group which has the goal of implementing software to further the adoption of the Liquidity Network implementation proposals.

We have had intensive discussions among this group and those involved with strategy and working with potential adoptors and have come up with an interim plan for development.  Here is a summary of the plan so far:

  1. We adapt an existing first go at a simulation by Fabio Barone to produce a robust set of well tested software modules that will form a core of the Liquidity Network for now.  We will try to ensure that as much of these can quickly be used in a production environment.
  2. We post this software with a Open Source licence in a repository.  Currently this repository can be found on GitHub here.
  3. We will encourage other interested developers to become part of the team.  If you are one please email us at info __ at __ feasta d-o-t org (email adress altered to prevent spam).

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