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Simulation starts to…simulate

Simulation implementation has made substantial progress. By using SimPy and python, we have been able to reach initial goals in integrating different elements into the simulation.

First we started an effort in getting some variables defined, how many members and businesses we want to have at start, how many quids they should get initially credited, etc.

The design is built on a core objects package, which we plan to be able to re-use for the production application, and a simulation package. We work with the concept of a policy, which implements the tweaking parameters of the quids management, and of a scenario, which is meant to provide an abstraction of the economic environment in which the LQN is running.

The simulation is now executable. We have a simple policy and a simple scenario for now (which are not that simple neither, but are meant as stepping stones for iterative development). However, for meaningful results, the simulation needs to get more details, essentially more feedbacks and behavioural modeling of members and businesses.

We would still be very happy to welcome python developers, as the code base expands and complexity increases. Knowledge of SimPy would be also most welcomed. All code is open source, and we host the master branch on This is the clone URL.

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