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Since Feasta initiated this project there has been considerable progress and interest in the system.  This page will keep you up to date with the status of the project.

Project Team

A project team has been set up that comprises

  1. A strategic and development group with the goal of refining the concept of the of the Liquidity Network and winning partners for it’s implementation at local and national level, as well as coordinating work with groups of similar aims.  A number of parties are interested in the proposals and discussions and negotiations are continuing.
  2. A technical group which has the goal of implementing software to further the adoption of the Liquidity Network implementation proposals.  The plan for technical development is outlined below.

Technical Plan

We have had intensive discussions among technical and strategic parts of the team and have come up with an interim plan for technical development.  Here is a summary of the plan:

  1. We adapt an existing first go at a simulation by Fabio Barone to produce a robust set of well tested software modules that will form a core of the Liquidity Network for now.  We will ensure that these are good quality and can subsequently be used or adapted for a production environment if needed.
  2. We post this software with a Open Source licence in a repository.  Currently this repository can be found on GitHub here.
  3. We will encourage other interested developers, designers and testers to become part of the team.  If you are one and would like to help out please email us.
  4. We will concentrate initially on implementing core software, followed by a simulation to demonstrate that our proposed algorithms work to fulfil the network’s goals.
  5. Next we will demonstrate a secure interface for point of sale and a mobile phone wallet that uses this interface.
  6. We will initially develop in an agile Python environment but can later adapt this if we need to merge with other projects.

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